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Domestic Natural Resources

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Domestic Natural Resources

Low Cost and High Return Opportunities

Kent County Lease

With over 600 acres secured in the Permian Basin, we have identified opportunities for short and long term field development.

Kent County 2

This is an image of an oil well on Domestic Natural Resources' lease in Kent County, Texas.

  • Oil Production

    Our primary focus is on the West Texas Permian Basin onshore

  • Future Growth

    Strategic growth approach with a high degree of focus

  • Resources

    Information about the oil and gas industry

  • Leadership

    Decisive energy executives who have built their reputations in oil

We Do It One Way - The Right Way

Domestic Natural Resources, LLC seeks to identify promising areas in emerging trends for exploration and production and find new opportunities in the southwest by applying a critical eye to detail. Our number one goal is to consistently drill successful wells in proven areas, closing the gap between the time of investment and the time receiving the first of many revenue checks.

Experienced Geologist

Our exceptional due diligence involves contracting expert geologists and petroleum engineers to meticulously examine the geology, logs, and records of offsetting wells in order to ensure and enhance production before drilling a new well.

Current Projects

This prospect consists of 600 acres with the unrestricted access to drill on a prime developmental oil lease in the Permian Basin that has been purchased at a premium. DNR will drill up to 10 new wells on this lease in addition to two re-entry orphaned wells.

Drilling and Re-Entry

We only rely on the top drilling and completion crews to make certain that the drilling process runs efficiently. We will continually do all that is within our power to minimize the risk and to amplify the amount of monthly revenue and longevity of production income.

Operations and Production

We handle all of our own operations through our sister company, BDI Operating, in order to eliminate the middle man, ensure efficiency and productivity, and to reduce overall costs for our investors.